Lifetime Trusted Advisor PROGRAM

The World's Most Advanced Coaching Training Program

Learn from top coaches to Silicon Valley’s Elite C-suite executives how to become a lifetime trusted advisor in an accelerated coaching program for coaches, therapists, and business leaders. Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell will dive into the transformative power of the 16 unique coaching models they use to deliver impact at the highest levels year after year.


Grow your practice to +$1 million per year and increasing client retention up to 20x by making every meeting high-value and becoming a lifetime trusted advisor

Our Coaches Have Coached Executives at THESE Companies:

Endorsements From Respected Coaching Leaders

John Smith

Dynamic Director

Sarah Barnes


Charles Cooper



Most Coaches Lose Clients after 4 Months

Become Not Just A Great Leader or Coach, but a Lifetime Trusted Advisor

Less Time
Selling Clients

Less Time and Money Spent on Sales & Marketing because you will learn how to create a steady stream of referrals

Fewer Clients Stop Working With You

By using our proven coaching methods, you'll master enough to create over 1000 unique coaching sessions that never repeat.

More Impactful
Meetings Every Time

You'll learn how to work with clients at the highest level, surpassing their expectations and becoming vital to their most ambitious goals.

Endorsements From Respected Coaching Leaders

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Rian Doris

8-figure Coaching & Personal Transformation TRAINING BUSINESS

Kane Minkus

BUSINESS GRWOTH EXPERT & TRAINER OF >3 Million in 80 countries

Eben Pagan


Lifetime Trusted Advisor Coach Training Program - Maze

Demand is Rising For The Top Coaches but Falling for Average Coaches

In a time where less than 1% of executive coaches make more than $1 Million per year, the majority of coaches are finding it harder than ever to find clients.

However, a select group of multi-dimensional coaches are in high demand. These are the coaches that are the most versatile and make permanent lasting change with high-performing clients.

This immersive LTV program is designed to equip you with the field-tested coaching frameworks, business practices, counter-intuitive mindsets, and a meticulous step-by-step process that teaches you to offer the kind of value that more clients are demanding every day.

How Does The Lifetime Trusted Advisor Coach Training Program Work?

If you are a coach that ALREADY has clients, the LTV program will give you everything you need to 22x the lifetime value of the average client and xpand the value you are able to provide TOP TIER clients.


Learn how to set up the coaching relationship from the very first conversation to set them up to be clients for life, before, during and after every session.


Learn how to deliver over 1000 unique coaching sessions that will make a huge impact and keep your clients coming back year after year.


Study six unique philosophies about the mechanics of human change, so that you can help your clients become who they want to be, not just achieve what they want to have.


Learn how to think and speak like the most innovative, effective, and successful executives, so you develop a natural rapport with the highest level clients.


Learn how to tell the difference between a “good session” and a profound life change, making sure that you are always at the top of the list of positive influences on your clients.

The Lifetime Trusted Advisor Coach Training Program Has 7 Major Components To Help You Achieve Success


Lifetime Trusted Advisor Coach Traiing - Jennifer Russell Bryan Franklin Live IN Person Sessions


LIVE Interactive Sessions Both In-Person & Online (Zoom)

In just 6 intense weekend sessions, Bryan and Jennifer will dig into the transformative power of their proprietary WISC system. Each session grows your understanding of how to apply it in your coaching practice. Dive deep into the most effective and proven models that they have consistently used that have driven the most client transformations across leadership, strategy, personal growth, and sustainable success, resulting in client retention and a constant stream of referrals.

Lifetime Trusted Advisor Coach Training  Access Recordings


On-Demand Training Review of (Lifetime Access to Recordings)

We understand that life can get busy, and that's why we provide you with access to recordings of all our training sessions. Whether you want to revisit a specific concept or catch up on a session you missed, our comprehensive library of recordings and supplementary training materials ensures that you have all the resources at your fingertips. Your learning journey doesn't stop with the live sessions; it continues at your pace, on your terms. We also include 3 Bonus Online Courses to jumpstart your learning adding more depth and breadth to what is taught.

Lifetime Trusted Advisor Coach Training - Bryan Franklin Jennifer Russell Facilitating Small Groups


LTV Moderated Cohorts of Your Peers (Small Groups)

You will have a small group (~6 people) of experienced coaches, therapists, and leaders dedicated to elevating themselves and those around them who you'll connect with. In our experience the mix of different experiences and backgrounds in your group creates a synergy and network that can help propel you. This group will help you practice what you are learning and help keep you accountable and on track in the program.

Lifetime Trusted Advisor - Jennifer Russell Bryan Franklin Facilitating Peer Review Analysis


Coaching "Game Tape" Analysis (Peer & LTV)

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our program. We believe that feedback is a cornerstone of growth, which is why we offer a robust feedback system. You'll not only receive feedback from your peers but you'll also be giving it, which increases your insight in addition to select analysis by your co-founders. This dual feedback mechanism ensures that you gain insights from different perspectives, enabling you to refine your coaching skills, identify areas of strength, and address areas for growth. With our feedback system, you'll be on a path to becoming an even more effective and impactful coach and leader.


Vibrant Online LTV Community

You get lifetime access to your Lifetime Trusted Advisor exclusive community so you can connect with other elite professionals dedicated to elevating themselves and those around them. This moderated community is your support system when things come up and a place to share new revelations, tools and strategies as you propel yourself to your biggest success.


2 Online Fundamentals Courses

You get lifetime access to two different online courses that you can get started on as soon as you register PLUS we'll be adding more resources to those courses throughout the season to make sure you understand the Coaching Fundamentals and the Business of Coaching, each are courses that provide tremendous value, available to you to brush up on your skills and setup your practice using the strategies that have led us to have a thriving 7=figure practice working with people at the highest levels year after year.


Weekly Mastermind Calls Focused on Positive ROI For The Program

Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell have decided to host weekly coaching and masterminding calls (baring travel schedules and holidays) starting as soon as you register with a focus on helping each person who participates on these calls get additional clients each month and/or additional revenue from their existing clients and support with about a dozen high leverage strategies they have used to help coaches easily and quickly scale their practice to 6 and 7 figures. Their promise is to continue to work with who shows up on these calls until everyone has a positive ROI on their investment in the course. So come to these calls to Get 2 New High-Paying Clients a Month Starting NOW, While Kissing Social Media and Internet Marketing Goodbye

Each component is designed to provide a well-rounded and enriching learning experience, ensuring you get the most out of our program and emerge as a top-tier executive coach ready to elevate your career and impact.


Who Teaches The LTV Program?

Two SEASONED AND successful coaches that teach you exactly what they do to MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR TOP TIER CLIENTS right from the trenches:

Our Stats:

68+ Months

Average Client Retention

$1 M+ Annual

Revenue for Dozens of Coaches



Paid Executive Coaching Sessions

$150k Av.

Average Monthly Coaching


$1 B

9 Clients over $1 Billion

68+ Month

Average Client Retention

$1 M+ Annual

Revenue for Dozens of Coaches

30,000+ Paid

Executive Coaching Sessions

$150k Av.

Monthly Coaching $

Over $1 B

9 Clients over $1 Billion



We've Trained Thousands of Coaches Many Now Make Over $1 Million Per Year

You can do this too, IF you dedicate yourself to elevating your craft beyond what most people expect from a coach and become a lifetime trusted advisor.

These rare coaches play an important role in shaping the strategy, culture, and execution of their clients' companies and lives.

In the LTV program, you'll learn the field-tested coaching frameworks, business practices, mindset, and step-by-step process of joining that elite group of executive coaches.


Lifetime Trusted Advisor Coach Training Program - Jennifer Russell Bryan Franklin Coaches Facilitators

LTV Coach Training Program Facilitators Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell over 30,000+ Sessions and trainings

Who Our Program is For

For the ambitious few who are ready to embrace the most demanding yet rewarding TransformationAL Curriculum Available WHO ARE COMMITTED TO UPGRADING THE STANDARD OF COACHING, CHANGE WORK & LEADERSHIP GLOBALLY


Ready to Up-Level & Grow to +$1 Million Annually

Experienced Executive Coaches

We understand that you have a deep desire to break through the million-dollar barrier and establish yourself as a top-earning coach. Our program provides advanced strategies, insider insights, and proven frameworks tailored specifically for coaches like you, ready to grow your annual revenue to $1 million and beyond...and never market again. You'll also be learning how to up-level your coaching, improving the standard of change work in our industry and will understand how to keep your clients for a lifetime.



Who Want To Expand The Capacity of Their Team Members

Experienced Executive Coaches

You are a leader who recognizes the importance of developing the people in your organization. By combining your business know-how with the frameworks taught in this program, you'll be able to support your team in expanding their capacity. Together, we can empower you to navigate the business landscape and help your team achieve remarkable results, leveraging your wealth of experience and our proven methodologies. In this program, you'll evolve the way you lead and will understand what it takes to elicit everyone's peak potential.


Who Want To Break Into Business Coaching & Earn More Too

Experienced Executive Coaches

By adding high-value coaching principles into your practice, you can up-level your therapeutic approach and empower your clients in new and profound ways. This program will help you gain the business expertise to guide your clients towards both personal and professional insights that foster transformation that extends beyond the therapy room. Continue your education on the mechanics of change with our unique approaches and leave a lasting impact on the lives of your clients.

Lifetime Trusted Advisor Coach Training Program - Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell Teaching Leading

This is not for beginners

We are curating a group of elite coaches, successful therapists, and experienced business leaders who are committed to upgrading the standards of coaching globally

It's not for people who want to coach but have never led people, or had any clients, or been successful as a therapist or consultant. It's not for people who want to learn a few marketing tricks to get more views on tiktok or want to be an internet famous guru. It's for people who want to become the lifetime trusted advisors of the most influential and successful business leaders in the world.

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Monthly Masterclass (Webinar)

Posts answered by peers and community managers

Course: LTV Coach's Toolkit

Original Posts by Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell

Live Group Coaching Calls (Monthly)

Access To Library of Q&A Recordings By Topic

Advanced Coaching Mastermind Sessions (Weekly)

Coaching Fundamentals 12-Module Course + PDF Resources

The Business of Coaching 5-Module Course + PDF Resources

Lifetime Trusted Advisor Program Weekend Immersions

Lifetime Trusted Advisor Program Cohorts (5-7 People)

Lifetime Trusted Advisor Program Coaching Co-Pilot Analysis

Lifetime Trusted Advisor Program 3-Day In-Person Retreats @ Ralston







Per Month



March 29

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different from other Coaching programs out there? MBA programs? Psychology programs?

Many  of the current programs out there are focused on techniques to get clients that involve things like becoming a thought leader, doing a lot of social media or videos, starting a podcast, sending mass emails…we have talked to thousands of these coaches over the years and only a small percentage of them has had those methods work and the ones that have  are doing things that are incredibly time consuming.  Other coaching programs focus almost entirely on teaching you that the client has all the answers and your job is just to ask good questions.  While this is wise as a PART of good coaching, it’s insufficient to make a difference at the highest levels with your clients. 

What we notice is for clients to continue to want to coach with you year after year you need to add significantly to their worldview, not just passively ask questions.  You also have to understand with sophistication the challenges they are in and be able to unlock any aspects of their inner world and internal maps and models for reality that aren’t aligned with the outcomes they are committed to making. Our program is taught by coaches who are at the top of their industry who are also expert facilitators and teachers who know how to make a difference at the highest levels with their clients who stay with them for many years. 

This program isn’t taught by academics showing you case studies like many MBA programs either, it’s taught with what’s working right now in today’s climate by coaches who have sat in over 30,000 paid sessions and watched companies do the journey from startup to billions in valuation.  So it’s backed by real world experience and designed to teach you over 16 non-overlapping models and coaching skills in all 4 of these quadrants:

What if I’m new to coaching and don’t have many clients yet? Is this course right for me? 

This is not a beginner program for first time coaches who have never coached or developed the skill to help someone change and have never gotten a paying client OR have never been in a business leadership role having seat time in the kinds of situations your clients might find themselves in. We are looking for those with EITHER strong business skills OR an ability to support people to change and develop themselves.

If you have neither, this program will likely feel advanced and paced quickly for you. If you have one or the other this program will help you develop what’s missing and build on some of what you have natural competency at. We are curating for people who can take what the learn in this program and run with it making a big difference in their clients lives and those capable of easily getting a positive ROI on their investment in the program so that our focus is on helping create more mastering in the craft of coaching. If you’ve had seat time as a business leader, have had a successful practice as a therapist or have some paying coaching clients, then this program is likely right for you.

If you have never gotten a paying client and don’t have any coaching skills and have never had a leadership role in a business, then we’d recommend you join the LTV Community, checkout our LTV Coach’s Toolkit and implement some of what you see there and apply once you’ve gotten a few paying clients. Even though it’s not for beginners we wanted to make sure everyone had some of the coaching fundamentals and the basics around how to start a coaching practice which is why we created the self paced online courses (12-Module Coaching Fundamentals and 5-Module The Business of Coaching Course) for everyone who is registered to make sure those skills are covered prior to the program and during our weekly calls, as they will not be covered during our 6 weekend events.

I saw that this program is ‘Not for beginners’, am I qualified for this Program? What qualifications are you looking for?

We want people to EITHER have great business experience as a leader in upper management and C-suite positions OR have experience supporting people to develop and change and have clients that have paid you for that support. We want to make sure that everyone in this year’s program has an ability to take what they are learning from this program and easily achieve a positive ROI on their investment and can begin to apply and integrate what they are learning in the environments they are already in, in their organizations or in their practice. 

If you have NEITHER, this is likely not the course for you as we will be focused in our weekends with upgrading your coaching skills rather than teaching the fundamentals…however we have included 2 self paced courses, the 12 Module Coaching Fundamentals Course and the 5-Module The Business of Coaching Course to help bring anyone up to speed that needs these fundamentals so that we all have a common language. You will get access to this as soon as you register. IN ADDITION, we plan to add a bunch more resources to each of those courses.

The qualities we are curating for in this year’s cohort are the 4 C’s….

CHARACTER: You are you a lifetime learner who is open and passionate about expanding their toolbox and adding new perspectives and models to their existing coaching practice. You are an asset not a liability in every group you are in and are excited to not just get support but also to give it. You always take radical personal responsibility for your life & never blame others if you aren’t getting the results you desire. You aren’t a victim to your circumstances and don’t blame anything outside of yourself for why your life is the way that it is.  You show up as the ideal client you yourself most want to work with.

COMPETENCE: You aren’t coasting in life settling for average. You are a highly competent leader, coach, or successful therapist with the credibility that has others naturally seek out for advise, insight and wisdom such that when people interact with you they have their minds changed.  You are someone who engenders trust that you can support them and make a difference in their lives. You don’t just talk a big game, you back it up with action. You don’t need too much hand-holding to get value from the things you participate in.

CAPACITY: You have the capacity both in terms of time and capability to be able to understand and implement the more advanced material we will be teaching and are agile enough to take what you learn and apply it to what you do.  We are looking for the kind of people that will learn this material and create big results for yourselves and your clients. You know how to recognize when a single idea, if paid attention to was worth more than your entire investment in the program and you have the capacity to run with that idea. You do the work and you take bold action.

COMMITMENT: Are you committed to upgrading the standards of coaching globally and are you committed to showing up to the events, the calls, and playing full out during our time together. You come prepared to every call, listen, and implement new ideas or ways of being quickly. You honor all of your commitments and agreements and don’t break contracts you’ve made. You are 100% committed to you getting the results you want and don’t make excuses.

When does the program start? What are the dates? 

There are things you can get access to and start RIGHT AWAY when you register including the 2xBONUS courses (12-Module Coaching Fundamentals Course + 5-Module Business of Coaching Course).

In addition Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell are hosting weekly mastermind calls starting when you register where they will do laser coaching, Q&A, and discussions for those who show up and want support now to begin creating a positive ROI on the program. We are committed to doing these calls until everyone who is showing up and implementing what they are learning has gotten that ROI and can imagine many might experience that even before the program officially starts in late March.

Dates for the 2025 Program will be posted soon. The official kickoff weekend will be March TBD 2025 which you can participate either LIVE at our retreat location at the Ralston Mansion in Mill Valley, CA (near the SFO Airport) or via livestream on Zoom. Friday dinner and evening session is for those who elect to come in person. There will be a morning session (with breaks) and an afternoon session on both Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 6pm Pacific.

Month #1 - February 28th - March 3rd 2025Live Retreat Fri - Sun) or (Sat - Sun for Live Video Call

Month #2 - April 19th - 20th 2025 (Live Video Call Sat - Sun)

Month #3 - May 16th - 19th 2025 (Live Retreat Fri - Sun) or (Sat - Sun for Live Video Call

Month #4 - June 21st - 22nd 2025 (Live Video Call Sat - Sun)

Month #5 - July 18th - 21st 2025 (Live Retreat Fri - Sun) or (Sat - Sun for Live Video Call

Month #6 - August 16th - 17th 2025 (Live Video Call Sat - Sun)

When are the live weekly coaching calls? Are they recorded if I miss any of them?

The weekly group coaching calls with Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell, Co-facilitators of the program, are on alternating Monday mornings at 8:00am - 9:30am Pacific or Wednesday evenings at 5:00 - 6:30pm Pacific.  These calls are a time to bring the topic, question, or challenge that you would most like support on and receive from Bryan and Jennifer and the group what you need to transform or get unstuck. We will be focusing on topics like,

How do I access my Bonus Courses?

Both the 12-Module Coaching Fundamentals and the 5-Module Business of Coaching courses are located in the LTV Classroom on school.  Once you are registered we will open up your access to those 2 courses within 24hrs and you can begin them right away.  You’ll receive a welcome email from with your receipt for purchase and welcome email and information about these courses. Make sure to white list our address:  Here’s an article about how to whitelist:

What if I can’t come to all the sessions or have to miss one of the retreats?

Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell will host a makeup 1-2 weeks after the sessions you missed so you have time to review the recordings.  This will be a shorter session and will focus on Q&A, Discussion, Application, and Exercises to help you integrate the material. 

ANYONE can join the makeup session if they would like. We will schedule it and let everyone know when it is and will try keep time zones into account as we will optimize for a time when the people that missed can attend…within reason given we have people from U.S. east and west coasts, UK and Germany, India, and Australia.

I want to join the Live Retreats but I have to miss one of them, can I still join? Do I have to pay the full price?

We understand that it’s hard to get so many people’s schedules to all coincide with every weekend and so we are aware some people will need to miss. You can purchase the retreat tickets and lodging a la carte. Reach out and we will create a special link to just join us for that weekend.

In general we are wanting the limited number of VIP tickets to attend LIVE and in person at the venue for those that can attend all 3 retreats. There are a limited number of spots the venue can hold in our meeting space (35-40). It is incredibly powerful to be in a transformational environment with both Bryan and Jennifer and this cohort of leaders, coaches, and change makers. There will be an extra Friday session you can attend, plus interactivity and discussions in between sessions and during meals that you won't want to miss. It's also a very bonding experience to share space for several days at a time and over the course of our 6 months together.

Does the VIP Ticket include lodging? What if I am staying off-site?

The VIP ticket includes all meals from Friday Dinner to Monday breakfast plus the daily access fee that the venue charges per person per day. It does not include airfare or lodging which is sold separately. If you want to stay at the venue, there are shared rooms for up to 35 people at the Ralston for $540 which is $180/night (Fri-Sun, checking out on Monday by noon.

If you would rather stay solo off-site in your own room there are 2 great hotel options for which we get a discount if you mention the Ralston Retreat.  These are the Mill Valley Inn, Acqua Hotel Mill Valley (The check-out code is: RWRMV2), and Corte Madera Best Western Inn (Ask for the “Ralston White Retreat” Corporate Rate).

I’m coming in from overseas which means I have to arrive on Thursday.  Is there anyone else also coming from overseas and needing accommodations then?

Yes I believe there are a few people coming from overseas, once we get closer to the event we’ll make sure you all know each other and can coordinate.  The venue can not house you on Thursday (I don’t believe) as we don’t get access to it until Friday at 3pm for each of the 3 weekends.  You might look at the Acqua Hotel or the Corte Madera Best Western nearby for at least that 1 night.

It's a big investment for me, I’m not sure I can afford it but I’d like to join, what can I do?

We realize the investment and we have trained many coaches to reach the 7-figure mark quickly.  You have to do the work but if you implement some of what we have given everyone access to for free in the LTV Coach’s Toolkit by sending out the Networking Letter and/or implement one or more of the 12 Strategies for growing a practice that we have available in the Business of Coaching bonus course, it should be fairly simple to make back the investment of the course so that your ROI is net positive so we can focus on the work of helping everyone become better coaches who can keep their clients for longer. 

If your rates are way below the industry average ($1500/month) our first suggestion will likely be to raise your rates so be more industry standard and to implement our networking letter and our kickoff and on-boarding process which is usually charged at 3x the monthly rate to get a client started. 

These 2 strategies can easily get you to a positive ROI in the first month or two as the program begins.  In addition we have a payment plan that of 4 installments that allows you to spread things out.  We also have offered to 1-2 people a plan that allows for 6 payments…inquire with us if this would make a difference and allow you to participate and we can give you a special link.

Do you offer group discount?

Yes, we offer a discount to groups of 4 or more people from an organization that would like to take the program together. Please contact us at for more information.

Is there a guarantee? What is your refund policy?

You can get laser coaching on our weekly calls that begin 3 months prior to the program, plus get immediate access our 12-Module Coaching Fundamentals Course, and access our 5-Module The Business of Coaching course. We allow for refunds up until the end of the 1st full day of the program on Saturday of the kickoff by midnight.  After that point if you are in, you are in for the duration.  There are no refunds after that refund deadline.

 You must tell us in writing by midnight on Saturday of the retreat in March 2025 of your intent to withdraw and request a refund.  Which is for the amount you’ve paid less a 5% administrative and credit card fee.

Is there a particular training framework you guys use? 

We have a very large body of original work and models which form the bulk of what we are teaching based on what we actually use with our clients. Much of it is formed in real time as we are modeling for our clients what we recognize works from having sat in thousands of meetings in dozens of industries and watching the movie of successes and failures. We are model creators and map makers AND we also incorporate the best of things like Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the human potential movement, parts work, family systems, attachment theory, polarity work, collaborative systems, evolutionary psychology, leadership practices, organizational systems, milton model, meta model, hypnosis, systems thinking, neuroscience, spiritual practices, trauma healing, spiral dynamics, integral theory, therapeutic metaphor & storytelling, stance work, NeoReichian therapy, conflict resolution work, bioenergetics, various human development theories, tribal circling technologies, mindfulness, awareness work, NVC, and sacred theater to name a few.

It’s an incredibly transformational experience that includes many aspects of these bodies of work combined with a lot of our unique maps and understandings. We want to teach about 16 of the models we use DAILY with our clients plus also explore how to have you each feel like map makers and model creators of your own.”

Do you have a particular typology that we use and value more than others?

We do not tend to use off the shelf typological systems  (i.e. Myers Briggs, Kolbe, DISC, Enneagram, etc.). Many typing systems describe our identity in a fixed and one-dimensional way. It is often tempting to think of the results ias meaning something about you that is unchangeable as they tend to speak in terms of identities and archetypes that indicate aptitude and capacitie you might have or not have depending on how you scored. We believe it’s important to understand that the reality is that no one is made of stone.   These typing systems are educational and entertaining but can often create an experience of reducing people to their typological profile and making assumptions about who they are and are not.  We find these are often more limiting than supportive.

Instead we think about observing a lot of these same patterns as relational dynamics....They are 'dynamics' which means they move and can change based on the situation, the context, the role people pickup and can just as easily put down.  They are also relational and therefore influenced in predictable ways as we often tend to polarize each other in ways that form patterns that we observe again and again. The more we are for instance in a pattern of superiority and complaint, the more the person we are relating with while in that pattern is predictably polarized to defend.  The more we are in a pattern of rigidity and control, the more we predictable tend to respond with compromise and collapse.  These patterns tend to reveal themselves, regardless of which typology you might have as they arise as a dynamic that is generated between two people versus a static identity that is constant or unmovable.

We have noticed after observing people in tens of thousands of coaching sessions that there are 8 common patterns people tend to go into when they are challenged and each of these patterns has a reciprocal polarity that tends to be the counterpart.  We've developed an incredibly unique relationship dynamics profile that you will get exposed to during the program along with way to use this in a leadership and business context.

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